Strawberry Hill Dance & Pilates Centre in Newent, Gloucestershire.

Strawberry Hill Dance & Pilates Centre

Newent, Gloucestershire.   Mobile : 07738161689.

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Dance Uniform - Clothing, Shoes and Accessories

Each class and discipline requires it's own specific clothing and shoes, designed for the job.


Please speak to your class teacher before purchasing your uniform to ensure you buy one suitable for your child and the class they are attending.  


We don't expect you to rush out and buy it all at once.  

Birthdays and Christmas are a great time to add to your collection.  


Girls Ballet


Pink ballet shoes should be satin for exams, leather may be worn for class

Optional wraparound cardigans also available



All uniform available to order from Miss Monica 

Dancewear is also available from Gooch Sports, Newent

Over time we have noticed a drastic decline in adherence to the uniform standards.  We feel, therefore, that we must post this polite reminder as to why we have a uniform code.  It is vitally important that students wear the correct attire so that their physique can be seen so that we, as teachers, can ensure they are performing moves correctly and safely.  It also puts students into the correct frame of mind and attitude for their dance class.  It has become apparent, that with lack of uniform, it has been more difficult to get the appropriate behaviour out of the students.  Hair must be tied back off the face and neck where possible, and the footwear should be appropriate to the subject, again for safety.  All of this also helps them be more prepared for the strict dress code required for performances and exams.  We respectfully ask for your (as parents) support in this matter, so that we can get the most from your children, and they are getting the most from us.  If you need a list of the required uniform, please see Miss Sarah.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Miss Sarah

Boys Ballet



Toddlers/Rosette Plum leotard

Preparatory /Primary Lavender leotard

All the above with pink ballet socks & pink ballet shoes


Grade 1        Mulberry leotard

Grade 2        Mulberry leotard

Grade 3/4/5  Navy leotard

Grade 6 and aboveBlack leotard

All the above with pink ballet tights and pink ballet shoes

Preparatory/Primary Short sleeve white leotard and black shorts

Grade 1-3                 White leotard with navy dance leggings

Grade 4 and above  Sleeveless white leotard with black dance leggings

All levels – white ankle socks and black ballet shoes


As above with tap shoes

Grade 1 & above tap shoes with heel & toe taps and jazz pants

Black joggers and Strawberry Hill T-shirt with black dance trainers

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Show Dance

Leotard and black jazz pants with black jazz shoes

It is important to have the correct shoes for each class.